Many of us are unwittingly 'doing the wrong thing' as we go about our increasingly hectic lives, resulting in a variety of stresses, aches and pains. The Alexander Technique teaches us to use appropriate muscle tension, release tightness and regain the natural poise of our youth.

We all have unconscious movement habits – for instance, we use more force than is necessary to lift the kettle, or heave ourselves out of a chair using excessive muscle tension. Repeated time and again, such habits translate into the various aches and pains with which so many of us live.

The Alexander Technique is a re-education in using your body with greater efficiency and can lead to relief from a variety of problems such as bad backs, neck and shoulder pain and restricted breathing.

The Alexander Technique is not a therapy, but a skill to be learned and for you to use in every-day life.

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Rebecca Howard is a fully qualified Alexander Technique Teacher in Dorchester, Dorset, having completed a 3 year training course at CCARE in Totnes, Devon, which is approved by STAT - the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique .
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